Property Finance for all Eventualities

Whether you are a first time buyer, raising money to build your dream extension, or investing in a property portfolio, we have it covered.
Access the whole of the market for the very best loans from lenders you’ll know & some you won’t.
We will help you to secure the best rates, raise capital and save you time, effort and money.
From first timers to whole portfolios and HMOs, find out how to get the right deal
Auction finance, bridging, mixed-use properties, complex Buy to Lets and more.
Find out how to make the equity in your home work for you without having to sell and move out.
You’ve bought the house; now you want to make sure you keep it. Protect you and your assets.

Why should you speak to a broker, and why me?

These days we might think that search engines are the answer to everything, and that could include looking for a mortgage. But Mortgage loans aren’t simple things. Every lender has layers of criteria that need to be matched to you, with all of your own unique circumstances. The result? - Too often you end up with a ‘round peg square hole’ scenario, and even if you find a mortgage, how do you know it’s the best one for you? That’s where a good broker comes in.

I take the time to listen, understand you and your needs, and give you advice based on my knowledge and experience. I know the pitfalls, the things that lenders will query; I know how to solve what might seem like unsolvable issues and based on getting to know you, find the solution for you.

A good broker will steer you through to a great conclusion.  If the approach you want is based on sound advice and open discussion rather than ‘selling’, and you want a patient approach and easy to understand guidance, then give me a call.

Latest Case Studies

Every client, every case, every purchase is different. Here are some examples of recent successes that show the value of what we do.

Some of the Lenders we work with


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